What Is Honda Insurance Plus?

Honda insurance plus (HIP) a complete automotive insurance that includes rescue protection and savings only for honda car owners.

One of the car owner purchase the car for her daughter says: when my honda problem, HIP will rescue me on my daughter anytime anywhere.

When you caught in a dire situation, HIP 24×7 towing assistance team is ready to assist you anytime, even when you encounter an accident breakdown or even during a flood.

honda insurance plus

HIP hassle-free claim assistance ensures your claim process is smooth and easy, when you encounter car breakdown issues, our 24 7 roadside repair services will be there to help you with replacing a car battery, a flat tire and even a fuel refill.

Another car owner say: I choose Honda insurance plus for protection, safety and peace of mind when i’m always on the road.

As an HIP member, your safety is Honda’s top priority, call for assistance with just a touch and request for medical and personal assistance or even ambulance assistance if the need arises, our trusted honda authorized body and paint centers gives on point and reliable services, get speedy claims approval for repair valuation below 20 000 ringgit on a pre-approved basis,

Without an adjuster procedure, only 100 genuine honda body and parts are fitted by qualified technicians to ensure the highest quality and safety of your car, with Honda insurance plus, you even get personal accident coverage of up to 15 000 ringgit.

One lady owner told her husband: my own honda gets more savings from HIP than any other insurance.

After accident, don’t worry HIP will couple all the costs! That’s right, HIP covers all drivers and the repairs at zero cost, even if the damages incurred are from an unnamed driver.

Do you know? If your car is stolen or in a total loss there will be a hundred percent payout with a value up to 13 years, 100% coverage on accidental repairs, means you don’t have to pay for repairs for damaged car up to 10 years, and 100% coverage covers the cost for any genuine body and part replacement for up to 10 years.

No betterment fees means you don’t pay a single cent for body and parts replacement even for cars up to 10 years old, with other insurers you pay a fee of up to 40 percent of the cost starting from the fifth year, and there are also exclusive allowances for flood, special relief and lost key reimbursement.

This lady owner also keeps telling her husband : the benefits are just so convenient even for long time honor car owners just like us. (Husband agrees)

Built in with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced tools, all honda cars will go through a strict and thorough process to restore it to its original condition, each car must comply to honda’s highest quality and safety standards before being delivered to you!

Built by Honda protected by honda, repaired by honda, no one knows your car better than honda insurance plus!